Yoga rEvolution Dublin

It's happening now and you can be part of it! check below the classes available.


It's time to change, now. It all starts from you.

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Welcome to Yoga rEvolution. To know more about the project and why it started check out our about page.

What is available at the center.
A nice room with lovely people who share a common love for yoga. The possibility to deepen your knowledge. The chance to connect with others and mostly with yourself, going on a journey through your body and mind. A balanced guided practice of Hatha blend to restore your body energy. The challenge of trying new Asanas and more than you would expect. In fact, it's better not to have any expectations and enjoy your personal achievements as they come.

Are you ready?
This revolution begins with the evolution of our self, but how can simply the dedication to the physical activity of the Asanas bring such a change? That is a good question and the answer is not easy, but keep in mind that yoga is not only the Asanas or the Meditation or the Intention you put into practice. It's much more: first of all, you need to take your practice from the mat into your life. That is the beginning of the change.

Spread the word the more we are the more we enjoy !!